Tuesday, May 28, 2013


         While in Canada I learnt this song:  "Him that overcometh will I make, will I make, a pillar in the temple of my God ... " (a quote from Revelation 3:12).  Wow!

        She that overcomes .... the challenge/invitation is to all.

      This must be very urgent in the mind of Christ, for His Spirit
urges all the Seven Churches to 'overcome' and attached rewards with
it. (Rev. 2:7,11,17,26; 3:5,12,21).

Seven keys to an overcoming life:

--- In Christ.
--- In the Word.
--- In prayer.
--- In purity.
--- In integrity.
--- In humility.
--- In Fellowship.

      Prayerfully explore the urgency of the overcoming life and ponder on
the steps to get there and stay there.  Every resource to walk in victory is provided in Christ:  cleanses us with His blood and empowers us to walk in the light of God, for God is light (1 John 1:5-7; John 3:16-21).

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  1. This picture taken years ago in Grand Canyon, Arizona.