Thursday, June 20, 2013

NATURAL DISASTER (Written in 2005)

(A devastating hurricane with a female name: KATRINA)
(Picture of flooded New Orleans)

The Hurricane Katrina has thoroughly devastated
Alabama/Mississippi/New Orleans. These three States comprises of
less than 3% of the US economy (12 trillion a year). This event
might slow down about 1% of economic growth in the country for
several months --- still better than Europe. A significant blow, but
recoverable. The insurance companies are looking at about $20
billions plus payments. In the currency market, the US dollar is
down by a penny or two among the majors (rich countries).

America has been and continue to be the economic engine for the
world. So the world is nervously watching the developments with
different motives.

Some foreign papers are taking the opportunity to point out the
weaknesses of America. While the business world is hoping this event
won't reduce their earning power.

(During the third week of July 2005, there was a specific prophecy
directed at New Orleans : that God is fed up with too much bickering
 in the area, and that people have persistently mistreated one of His
servants. The people are admonished to stop their bickering  and
that God is going to remove the curse in their midst. Two years
earlier, a prophecy was in place concerning these States, that a
disaster was coming in the months of August, September, October. Now
it has.)  [Am not sure this prophecy is true or not, and the relation to the
hurricane... but just included it for readers to discern and think for themselves].

In a show to prove the faithfulness of Job, God removed His
protection and allowed Satan to harass him for a time. But Job stood firm
in faith (Hebrews 11:6) and in the end God restored Job with more than
what he previously lost.

When bad things happen to us, we question: "Why me?" When good
things are happening to others, we question: "Why not me?" This is a
universal human response.

I guess no matter what is happening to us, it would be an
improvement in the faith if we can move on with gratefulness. We
cannot fathom all things. We are unaware of many details/events that are
going on in and around us. Only God possesses complete and absolute
knowledge. Hence even if we cannot understand a lot of things, its
best to keep trusting the Lord. This is called faith.

In this time of trials and hardships for the people in the affected
areas, we all can offer prayers for them. May this experience draw
many to the Lord, closer to Him, and that all their emotional and
physical needs be met adequately.

9/11 was a man-made disaster perpetrated by terrorists. Parts of
Asia is still recovering from the tsunami effect. Some people are
calling hurricane Katrina as America's tsunami. All this goes to
show that life is like a puff of the air -- here today, gone
tomorrow. When is your/my time to die, no one knows. It could be

As a prophet of old has uttered: "Prepare to meet thy God" (Amos 4:12). Live
each day for the Lord.

"For what is your life?  It is even a vapor that appears for a little
time and then vanishes away" (James 4:14).

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